So this is my first book review blog. I’m pretty freakin’ excited!

To give a little backdrop on me, I’m a 23-year-old college student studying surgical technology who loves reading anything that can teach me something or make me feel something. I mostly read young adult books but I love all genres.

The magic and adventure you go experience while reading is like no other. Reading a book is like stepping into the imagination and or reality of the author and it’s an honor to be granted something so personal and spectacular. Not all people understand the magic of reading. But for those of us who do, its life changing.

That’s how bibliophiles are born.

The characters become friends and family, forever in your thoughts and heart. You begin to adore the author who made all of it possible and you get giddy to open a new book. (especially a sequel)  You can stay in all day and read an entire book in one sitting with zero regrets. Might even start a second one. You HAVE to tell someone about the book immediately after you found out you like it (Usually in the first 20 pages or so lol), You want to personally thank the author with a bear hug, a hot drink is the best thing to accompany your book to keep you cozy, you NEVER fold dog ears on your pages, and you always…always use new words and languages from your favorite stories. (Only muggles wouldn’t know that)

The only downside is finishing a life changing book and ending up with a serious book hangover. (You know, where you just lay in bed with the book close to your heart while smiling like an idiot, not being able to start a new book because you’re still stuck in the previous book world..Or crying over someone who doesn’t really exist..But your chest is tight with excitement, accomplishment, and awe and you’re two seconds away from squealing and kissing the book lol )

I can’t wait to get share my previous and current book experiences with everyone!

Everything is open for discussion. (Even if you don’t agree with me) I’d love to hear what everyone else has to say!